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Place of Origin:
Antalya, Turkey
Brand Name:
Model Number:
DC-6 Vet


Color Vet Doppler; iStation, iTouch, THI, FTO, abundant software including specially designed reproductive software for animals

Mindray DC-6Vet is dedicated to provide veterinary ultrasound solutions meeting your daily clinical needs. Mindray DC-6Vet produces high-sensitivity color Doppler performance and high-resolution 2D images. Various functions such as THI, FTO, iTouch and iStation make your animal ultrasound diagnosis much more reliable. The system’s specific veterinary application modules include reproductive software packages, animal-use transducer series, user-friendly operation interface and so on. All Mindray DC-6Vet outstanding solutions make it an ideal choice for any veterinary sonographer.  

  • 2D, M, PW, HPRF, Color, Power and DirPower
  • Abundant software packages, including specially designed reproductive software for Dog, Cat, Equine, Bovine and Ovine
  • Wide band multi-frequency transducers ranging from 2.0MHz to 12.0MHz
  • Specific high frequency micro-convex veterinary transducer 6C2 (5.0/6.5/8.0 MHz) for small animal use
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging) for technically difficult scanning
  • FTO (Fine Tissue Optimization)
  • iTouch?: Intelligent image optimization with only one button
  • iStation?: Intelligent patient management platform greatly increasing your work efficiency
  • Outstanding solutions for information management: CD-RW, four USB ports and optional DICOM3.0


  • Micro-convex high frequency transducer 6C2 (5.0/6.5/8.0MHz)
  • Convex array transducer 3C5A (2.5/3.5/5.0/H4.6/H6.0MHz)
  • Linear array transducer 7L4A (5.0/7.5/10.0MHz)
  • Micro-convex endocavity transducer 6CV1 (5.0/6.5/8.0MHz)
  • Micro-convex array transducer 3C1 (2.5/3.5/5.0/H4.6/H6.0MHz)
  • Linear array transducer 7L6 (5.0/7.5/10.0MHz)
  • Linear array transducer 10L4 (8.0/10.0/12.0MHz)
  • Phased array transducer 2P2* (2.0/2.5/3.0/H3.5/H4.0MHz)
  • Needle-guided brackets
  • Water-resistant foot switch

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New 18 Month Warranty